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The Rainbooms MP3

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Title:The Rainbooms - Dance Magic (Friendship Games Soundtrack)

Duration: 2:05

Quality:320 Kbps

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Swan Lake

In 2010, American toy company Hasbro relaunched its My Little Pony toyline and media franchise originally created in the 1980s, with the animated television series My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic as a flagship non-toy media. This generation is not given any name by Hasbro, but some of later releases of toys are labeled with the subtitle "Friendship Is Magic". It is unofficially referred to the "Fourth Generation", "Generation Four" or "G4" by collectors. It takes place in the fictional location named Equestria, a society inhabited by three kinds of ponies (earth ponies, unicorns and pegasi) and other species, with winged unicorns – named "alicorns" in later releases despite the word's origin – having royal status. With the success of the Friendship Is Magic television series, it also generated a dedicated fandom. The line grossed over US$650 million in retail sales in 2013, and $1 billion annually in retail sales in 2014 and 2015. This particular era has an anthropomorphic spin-off, subtitled Equestria Girls.

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